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MAY 13, 2018 – The Ascension of the Lord

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MAY 13, 2018

7th Sunday of Easter

The Ascension of the Lord

Mother’s Day


“Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”


Congratulations and God Bless

the Newly Confirmed Members

of Our Parish Family


Alexander Joseph Graff-Smisek

Son of Bruce Smisek & Amy & Nathan (Graff) Keilen

Alexis Frances Graff-Smisek

Daughter of Bruce Smisek & Amy & Nathan (Graff) Keilen

Makaylie Marie Hager

Daughter of Jon & Selena Hager

William Edward Kaderlik

Son of Michael & Andrea Kaderlik

Eliza Angeline Lynch

Daughter of Jeffrey and Rebecca  Lynch

Dawson Gregory Pint

Son of Greg & Marilyn Pint

Ellie Marie Singleton

Daughter of Jeff & Darcy Singleton

Zachary Shawn Wendorff

Son of Ryan & Melissa Wendorff


These students received the Sacrament of Confirmation

From Archbishop Bernard Hebda

on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at the Cathedral of St. Paul




Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, I want to take the opportunity to thank my mother for all that she has done for me.  She gave me life.  She taught me to pray.  She encouraged me.  She comforted me.  I have been blessed to have a very wonderful mother.  Thank you mom for everything.

                                                        – Fr. VanDenBroeke



Today we pray for every mother,

that their hearts be filled with God’s joy and peace.

We pray they are blessed with happiness

 as they reflect on the memories of their children.

We pray that this Mother’s Day will be a celebration

      of the sacrifices she made and the love she shared throughout the years.