Advent Carols – Get Inspired!


Listen, be quiet, and allow God to speak through this beautiful music. Light candles, dim the lights, sit, and listen to this God inspire music. May it lead you through Advent to Christmas.


Father of us all, we wait the coming of your Son, Jesus.
We are impatient, give us patients in our busy lives.
Calm our fears, anxiety, and infuse in us the Spirit of gentle calmness
that we may open ourselves the extraordinary love of your Son!

Come, Lord Jesus, make a home within us.
Lead us, guide us, inspire us to do your will, and the will of your Father!
May we be like Mary who said “Yes”.
Give us the strength and courage to “Yes”!

May this Advent be like no others,
bringing excited hope for the coming of Christ at Christmas!
Yours is the Kingdom and the Power now and Forever!