Catholic Faith Study January 30 – April 3

Symbolon is a 10-part series that explains the teachings of the Church in easy-to-understand short lectures by dynamic Catholic speakers. See how Scripture is so closely connected to the Catholic faith and how to better understand Scripture in light of Catholic doctrine.

We will study….

  1. The Journey of Faith
  2. Divine Revelation
  3. The Bible
  4. The Story of Salvation
  5. Who Is Jesus?
  6. The Paschal Mystery
  7. The Holy Spirit and the Life of Grace
  8. Why do I Need a Church?
  9. Mary & the Saints
  10. The Last Things

Mondays 7pm – 8:30pm
January 30 – April 3

Meeting Room, Civic Center

$22 (Includes participant guide)


To sign up or if you have questions, please contact: 

Ashlee Rickert via text at 952-292-6231 or email

Call the Parish Office at 507-744-2829 OR email

Sign-up dues can be mailed to the office or put in the collection basket

Sponsored by the Parish Pastoral Council

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