Praise Choir

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Music Ministry: Kevin Fussy

It is our goal, through music, to help remind you that all of Heaven is singing with us and that Jesus is in our midst, body and spirit. We ask those with musical talent to come forward and join the music ministry. Please contact Kevin Fussy at 651-587-7602 or email

The Christmas choir rehearsal schedule is listed below. You are invited and welcome to participate in the rehearsals for either choir group.  Please contact Kevin if you play a musical instrument and would like to share your talent.


Christmas Rehearsals 

  • Sunday, December 16 after 10am Mass
  • Sunday, December 23 after 10am Mass

Mass Schedule

  • Sunday, December 16 at 10am Mass
  • Sunday, December 23 at 10am Mass
  • Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24 at 10pm Mass
    • Czech Christmas Caroling at 9:30pm
  • Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25 at 9am Mass
  • Tuesday, January 1 at 9am Mass


Christmas Rehearsals

  • Sunday, December 16 at Noon
  • Sunday, December 23 at Noon

Mass Schedule 

  • Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24 at 4pm Mass
    • English Christmas Carols @ 3:30pm 
  • Monday, December 31 at 4pm Mass