Immaculate Conception Parish Office

Church of the Immaculate Conception Parish Office


MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 169, Lonsdale, MN. 55046

Parish Office: 202 Alabama Street SE, Lonsdale, MN. 55046

Church: 116 Alabama Street SE, Lonsdale, MN. 55046

  Parochial Administer: Father Dennis Thompson,


Office Manager: Leon Meger

Office Assistant: Dianne Miller

Volunteer Custodian: Thomas Thorman

Music Ministry: Kate Borgheiinck


Parish Contacts

Parish Office Hours Tuesday through Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm

New Parishioners Families or individuals wishing to become registered members of our Parish should contact the Parish Office to set up an appointment.

To schedule events in the Civic Center Please call the Parish Office (507-744-2829) during office hours.

Holy Cross Catholic School Principal Dr. Connie Krocak office 952-652-6100

For registration or to enroll your child contact Dr. Connie Krocak

Religious Education Classes Kathy Chlan, DRE  952-652-6100 ext 507 

Senior Citizens  Don Rezac   744-2408

   Youth/Liturgy Ministry  Kate Borgheiinck  744-2829,

Cemetery Board Albert Sempaur 507-744-2802

Parish Trustees/Finance Committee Don T. Malecha 507-744-2901 Joe Simon 507-744-5171

Repair & Maintenance Committee Shirley Trcka 507-744-2728

Parish Festival Committee Dave McFadden 507-744-5341

Knights of Columbus Jake Tupy 612-363-5600

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) Milton Trnka 507-744-2655

Council of Catholic Women (IC-CCW) Betty Vosejpka  744-2130

Natural Family Planning Meg Flicek 507-744-3559

ALTAR FLOWERS  Betty Vosejpka  744-2130