Immaculate Conception Mass Schedule

January 1Tuesday – Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God 9:00am- For all of Our Parishioners
January 2Wednesday – St. Basil the Great/ St. Gregory Nazianzen8:00am+ Mike Tikalsky
January 3Thursday – The Most Holy Name of Jesus8:00am- Louis & Mary Maynhart
January 4First Friday - St. Elizabeth Ann SetonNo Mass
January 5First Saturday – St. John Neumann 4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Rachael Vosejpka
January 6Sunday – The Epiphany of the Lord 8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Bill & Jeanette Kes
January 7Monday - St. Raymond of PenyafortNo Mass
January 8Tuesday8:00am+ Alice LaPierre
January 9Wednesday8:15amSchool Mass at Holy Cross Catholic School
January 10Thursday8:00am+ Sister Yvonne Nohava
January 11Friday7:30-8:00amConfessions
8:10am+ Betty Bisek
January 12Saturday4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Sister Yvonne Nohava
January 13Sunday – The Baptism of the Lord8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Amber Jirik
January 14MondayNo Mass
January 15Tuesday8:00am+ Marion Tupy
10:30amMass at the Villages
January 16Wednesday8:00am
January 17Thursday - St. Anthony8:00am+ Adrian Skluzacek
January 18Friday7:30-8:00amConfessions
8:10am+ Matt Stokes
January 19Saturday – Blessed Virgin Mary4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ George & Marion Malecha
January 20Sunday - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ John P. Jirik
January 21Monday - St. AgnesNo Mass
January 22Tuesday – Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children8:00am+ Mike Tikalsky
January 23Wednesday – St. Vincent/St. Marianne Cope8:00am+ Elena Manciu
January 24Thursday – St. Francis de Sales8:00am- Mary Jo Stocker
January 25Friday – Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle7:30-8:00amConfessions
8:10am+ Richard Deutsch, - Phyllis Deutsch
January 26Saturday – Saints Timothy & Titus4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Robert J. Novak
January 278:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Albert & Rose Ann Sempaur
January 28Monday - St. Thomas AquinasNo Mass
January 29Tuesday8:00am+ Norbert Skluzacek
January 30Wednesday8:15amSchool Mass at Holy Cross
January 31Thursday - St. John Bosco8:00am+ Joseph L. Skluzacek
February 1First Friday7:30-8:00amConfessions
8:10am+ Matt Stokes
February 2First Saturday – The Presentation of the Lord4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ James & Mary Kubes
February 3Sunday - 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Ray Valek

*Holy Hour – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 1 hour prior to 8am Daily Masses