Immaculate Conception Mass Schedule

*Holy Hour – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 1 hour prior to 8am Daily Masses

October 30Wednesday8:00am+ Kim El-Wailli
October 31Thursday8:00am+ Joseph L. Skluzacek
7:00pmAll Saints Vigil Mass -For All of Our Parishioners
November 1First Friday - All Saints Day (Holy Day of Obligation)8:00am+ Archbishop Harry Flynn
7:00pm+ Joseph L. Skluzacek
November 2First Saturday - All Souls Day8:00am+ In Memory of Our Departed Loved Ones Whose Names Are Listed on Our All Souls Envelopes
5:00pm+ Val & Rose Skluzacek
November 3Sunday - 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Mike Tikalsky
November 4Monday - St. Charles BormeoNo Mass
November 5Tuesday - St. Teresa of Jesus8:00am+ Rachael Vosejpka
6:00pm+ Memorial Mass for Deceased Members of the IC-CCW
November 6Wednesday8:00am+ Kim El-Wailli
November 7Thursday8:00am+ Francis A. Tuma
November 8Friday8:00am+ Inez Jirik
November 9Saturday - Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ James & Mary Kubes
November 10Sunday - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am+ Val & Sadie Kucera
10:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
November 11Monday - St. Martin of Tours / Veteran's DayNo Mass
November 12Tuesday - St. Jodapaht8:00am+ Harold Vosejpka
November 13Wednesday - St. Francis Xavier Cabrini8:15amSchool Mass at Holy Cross +Adrian Skluzacek
November 14Thursday8:00am-Jonathan Gutierrez
November 15Friday - St. Albert the Great8:00am+ Ben & Margaret Schweiss
November 16Saturday - St. Margaret of Scotland / St. Gertrude4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Grace Sticha
November 17Sunday - 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am+ Bill & Jeanette Kes
10:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
November 18Monday – Dedication of the Basilicas of St. peter & St. Paul, Apostles / St. Rose Philippine Duchesne No Mass
November 19Tuesday8:00am+ Louis LaPierre
10:30amMass at the Villages
November 20Wednesday8:00am+ Gilbert Skluzacek
November 21Thursday - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary8:00am+ Phillip LaPierre
November 22Friday - St. Cecilia8:00am+ Jason Bjorge
November 23Saturday - St. Clement / St. Columban, Abbot4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Elena Manciu
November 24Sunday - Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe8:00am+ Jeff Franek
10:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
November 25Monday – St. Catherine of Alexandria No Mass
November 26Tuesday8:00am+ Marcial Gutierrez
November 27Wednesday8:00am+ Kim El-Wailli
7:00pmEcumenical Thanksgiving Service, Trondhjem Lutheran
November 28Thursday - Thanksgiving Day9:00am- Thanksgiving Mass
November 29Friday - St. Vincent de PaulNo Mass
November 30Saturday4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Francis J. Nohava
December 1Sunday - 1st Sunday of Advent8:00am+ Albert & Rose Ann Sempaur
10:00am- For All of Our Parishioners