Immaculate Conception Mass Schedule

September 1First Friday8:00am+ Norbert Skluzacek
September 2First Saturday - World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Frank W & Mary Tupy, Myles Tupy
September 3Sunday – 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am+ Ozzie & Dorothy Vogel
10:00am- For all of Our Parishioners
September 4Monday - Labor DayNo Mass
September 5Tuesday8:00am+ Dennis Skluzacek
September 6Wednesday8:15amAt Holy Cross School + Ray, Ann & Steve Simon
September 7Thursday8:00am+ Gilbert Skluzacek
September 8Friday - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary8:00am- Al & Cheryl Gutierrez
September 9Saturday - St. Peter Claver4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Dave Miller
September 10Sunday – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time / Grandparent's Day8:00am- For All of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Joseph JM & Mary Malecha
September 11Monday - Patriot DayNo Mass
September 12Tuesday - The Most Holy Name of Mary8:00am+ Linda (Rosival) Malecha
September 13Wednesday – St. John Chrysotom8:00am+ Francis A. Tuma
September 14Thursday – The Exultation of the Holy Cross8:15amAt Holy Cross School +Clarence & Viola Thorman
September 15Friday - Our Lady of Sorrows8:00am+ Don Jasan & Anne (Jasan) Barta
September 16Saturday – Saints Cornelius & Cyprian4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Ray, Ann & Steve Simon
September 17Sunday – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:00am- For all of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Joe L. Tuma
September 18Monday - Constitution DayNo Mass
September 19Tuesday – St. Januarius8:00am+ Marcial, Gloria & Fidela Gutierrez
10:30amMass at the Villages
September 20Wednesday – Saints Andrew Kim Tae-gon, Paul Chong Ha-sang & Companions8:00am+ LeRoy Sticha
September 21Thursday - St. Matthew8:00am
September 22Friday - First Day of Autumn8:00am+ Celia Nerud
September 23Saturday – St. Pius of Pietrelcina4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ Joseph T & Julia Malecha, Ron & Carmen Malecha
September 24Sunday - 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am+ Don T. Malecha
10:00am- For all Our Parishioners
September 25MondayNo Mass
September 26Tuesday - Saints Cosmos & Damian8:00am+ Wesley & Gladys Clark
September 27Wednesday - St. Vincent de Paul8:00am+ Frank & Rose Sticha
September 28Thursday - St. Wenceslaus; St. Lawrence Ruiz & Companions8:00am+ Gilbert Skluzacek
September 29Friday – Saints Michael, Gabriel & Raphael8:00amDavid Skluzacek, Lucas Ceplecha, Lisa Skluzacek
September 30Saturday - St. Jerome4:00-4:45pmConfessions
5:00pm+ James & Mary Kubes
October 1Sunday – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00am- For all of Our Parishioners
10:00am+ Charles & Lillian Tupy


We will meet each Thursday from 9:30-10:30 AM in the Public Library Meeting Room at the Villages to pray the rosary and some additional prayers. (Enter through the Library entrance)

Any questions call Shirley Trcka 744-2728 or Mary Kalina 744-2932.